Track Mobile Marketing Spends From First Impression To
Conversion and Every Step In-between.

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Digital Marketers, Agencies, App Developers & even the Casual Mobile Enthusiast.

Pay for Performance

Drive App Downloads or Sales at unmatched scale, pumping up your ROI.

Take Control

Be the master of your campaigns, manage budgets, pricing, velocity in real time.

Unmatched Tracking

Capture and monitor data at a granular level in real time, drive home the advantage.

Plug & Play Attribution

Irrespective of the App Install tracking partner you use, your campaign always attributes conversions to the correct marketing channels.

Real Time Optimization

Data driven insights helps you take market intelligent decisions at the right time in real time.

Drive your Mobile
Marketing ROI

Smarter User Acquisition

Focus your acquisition budget on placements that have delivered high ROI in the past. Dynamyn shows you where you can spend most effectively.

Meet the Right Customer

Reach the right target customer whatever be your goals, be it driving quality downloads, creating lifetime value for your app, generating footfall in a retail store or ensuring that customers watch a trailer for the latest blockbuster movie.

Boost App Store Rankings

Dynamyn applies tons of historical data to ensure quality customers to its clients and boost App Store rankings in the most cost effective manner

Create Bespoke Campaigns

Create meaningful and highly bespoke campaigns with Dynamyn to make the perfect impact when you launch your new app.

Measure & Attribute

Dynamyn closes the loop on engagement, sales, brand perception, and more. Unleashing the full power of Mobile, Dynamyn provides its clients with the latest trends & insights into the mobile industry

Real time Optimization

Dynamyn uses highly sophisticated tracking tools that continuously optimize campaigns to deliver the desired results. Dynamyn tracks every cent spent to ensure comprehensive optimization across the board

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Attribution & Tracking

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Dynamyn for

Improve Revenues

Run only the best converting campaigns.
Chose what pricing model works for you.
Customized payouts.

Increase Fill rates

Global campaigns, one dashboard.
Manage traffic efficiently, maximize fill rates.

Single view dashboard

Get deep insights into the campaigns running on your network.

Easy Integration and pixel & postback management

Setup by the time you get your coffee!!

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About Us

Claym Media & Tech Pvt Ltd is a Mobile platforms company that is working to improve the internet experience for billions of users in the “Mobile First” markets of Asia, Africa, Middle East & Latin America.

Our international product portfolio includes:

  • Adperforms - Mobile Ad serving platform. Adperforms is integrated with major Global Ad exchanges, and a number of OEMs for their owned & operated Apps & other mobile properties.
  • Dynamyn - App Marketing & Attribution platform. Dynamyn is a leading App marketing platform used by top brands, gaming companies & App developers to promote their products to users across the world, its also integrated with all the major 3rd party App Attribution & tracking platforms.
  • Boxer Browser - Mobile first Internet Browser. Boxer Browser is our endeavour to provide a convenient, fast & secure web surfing experience to users experiencing the Internet for the first time on a mobile device. We work with leading device manufacturers & telecom operators world over to power their on device browser needs.
  • Binjinn - App & Game distribution service. Binjinn is a free, fun way to allow users to earn unlimited mobile recharge by downloading apps, games and completing offers of their choice.